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Calumet - Kent Picking Fingers AP-301

All picking fingers made in small quantities to guarantee freshness.


Number: AP-301

Length from Groove: 5-1/16"(1/4" wide Groove Finger for thick drums)

Hole Size: 3/4"


Cross Reference Numbers:

Barker RP-3000 Picker, Rotoflex RF-6, Johnson MS-4, AP-301, WK-34, Duram 301, L-B 301. Round shaped finger.

To Order Click Here or Call 773/536-6350

  • Made In USA

  • USDA Approved

  • Made To Order

  • Assured Freshness

  • Sealed In Plastic Bags

  • Available In Custom Hardness

  • Custom Durometers Available


Fabricated in Chicago and shipped directly from Calumet Rubber Co., for over three generations since 1944.

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